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Didi Cars Grande Prix hire includes 6 didi cars and inflatable racing track. The price is for up to 7 hours hire. We can also provide plastic toy medals and trophies just for fun! Please mention these when booking if you require them.




Space required: 20ft (W) x 24ft (L) x 8ft (H)

The Didcars require the users to wiggle the steering wheel in order to propel the cars forward all using kinetic energy. No leg motion or batteries are required. The faster you wiggle, the faster the Diddy car will go.

In order for the cars to move and the competition is on!! They will definitely go down a hit at any event that it goes too! The kiddies just go mad for it!(And adults too!)

The cars come in a range of eye catching orders and are designed to help simulate the users concentration skills and upper body strength as their legs will be underneath the wheel and its the idea of the game to keep them off their floor and just use their strength to move the cars.


Please note: The Didicars and Grand Prix Track Can only be used indoors on smooth surfaces.







Didi car track for hire in Bedfordshire, Heartfordshire and surounding areas


£95 Track & 6 cars

quicksmart-scramblebug-blue-tide-1024x723 pink-walk-and-ride imgres-2

£95 Track & 6 cars

Jones Entertainments brings the original Roller Racers to Bedfordshire, Heartfordshire and surounding areas!


We offer the 5000a Amusement version which is built for commercial use and is used in amusement parks around the world.


Simply sit on the injection-moulded seat, put your feet on the steel handle bars, hold onto the hand grips then swing the handle bars from side to side. This repeated movement will make the Roller Racer zip around!


Roller Racers are truly great fun and are sure to bring hours of entertainment to any childrens party or social event!



For children aged 3 - 12 years

Must be used on a hard, flat, smooth surface Ideal for indoor parties!


Roller Raceras track for hire in Bedfordshire, Heartfordshire and surounding areas


Zoomer Bikes are a fantastic new style of children's toys for Boys & Girls which are free from batteries, motors and pedals. Just ​take a seat and away you go!


Zoomer can provide hours of fun which your child will never want to get off! The amount of endless fun whizzing around and racing each other on these Zoomers!


Not only does Zoomer Bikes add some excitement for younger children, but the set up of this area will stand out at your event thanks to the brightly coloured cones.


Equipment Size: can be tailored to your specific requirements. Strong & Safe,Robust enough to take riders up to 25kgs.


Suitability: Zoomer is perfect for toddlers from 18 months + and enjoyed by all preschool children up to 5 years. Children who can walk confidently unaided, and whose feet touch the ground whilst seated can ride all by themselves.



£95 Track & 6 cars

Zoomer Bike track for hire in Bedfordshire, Heartfordshire and surounding areas


Great addition to baby and toddler parties. Suitable for children aged up to 3 years old. The wheels rotate 360 degrees allowing babies and toddlers move around freely and safely, great fun and brilliant at keeping the little ones entertained.


These are included in our Soft Play Set or can be used with our race track to keep the little ones inside the track as they scramble about


The Didicar 'Walk 'n Ride' is a walking trainer/ride-on toy that is designed for use by toddlers and children aged from around from 12 months to 3 years.


With rubberised caster wheels it does not slip or mark floors, and with 360 degree freedom of movement the quirky and cute design makes for engaging play which is just fun!


According to the manufacturer: Not only is it good for exercise, but it also helps develop spacial and speed awareness, balance, and gross motor skills.


Didicar 'Walk 'n Rides' are Safety Certified to EN71 CE and are best used indoors on a smooth hard surface, by toddlers and children up to 20Kg.

Scramble bug  track for hire in Bedfordshire, Heartfordshire and surounding areas


Something for the little ones......

walk ride bug images

£95 Track & 6 cars or mix and match