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Gladiator Joust

The Bar Fly

Rodeo Bull

Space Hopper


Twist Air

Sumo Wrestling

Kangaro Boxing

Sumo suits, as an inflatable attraction, have become almost as popular as the traditional inflatable entertainment, such as the bouncy castle, inflatable slide and inflatable ball pool. Hire sumo suits or japanese suits, and your next event will be remembered for the hilarious bouts, as your guests pit themselves against each other, whilst dressed in over sized suits, that make any kind of movement, let alone an attacking one, or a defensive movement, difficult. The Sumo suits, are not an inflatable sumo suit, or inflatables sumo suits as people think but are foam packed to give you the look of a huge Japanese wrestler. All suits are supplied with head protectors in the traditional design of the sumo haircut. The inflatable sumo and wrestling suits make all movements clumsy.The object of the sumo wrestling is to push, trip, throw, pull or force your opponent out of the sumo ring. Great inflatable fun as you bounce off your opponent, in the inflatable sumo costume, fall to the soft matting, and then bounce back up again. A big crowd drawer at all events. Popular with both children and adults, sumo wrestling suits hire are available in children and adult sizes.

Using the air funnels you need to twist and climb the ball to the top of the column,racing your opponent. But when you are at the top, things are far from over!!! You need to use your skill and dexterity to aim the ball into the hole in the centre of the Twist-Air column. If you miss, you start all over again at the bottom of the game!

Surrounded by a large inflatable bed, two people take their place on the raised stands opposite one another. Battle commences as each gladiator has to duck then bash and swerve, jump and bop their way to glory.


Suitable for 6 year olds and over, the whole family can take part as mum does battle with dad and brother and sister go face to face, making this a superb addition to your family fun day.


Available for a wide variety of other events including team building, private parties and fundraising events, the Gladiator Joust will give everyone a day to remember.


1 x Gladiator Joust Inflatable, 2 x Safety Helmets,2 x Duelling Batons

and Safety Mats

Race your opponent on the space hopper track you can choose from a range of different size space hoppers or ride on bunnies.

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obstacle courses and assault courses are a must when you are looking to hire inflatables. Of all of our inflatables to hire this obstacle course is extremely popular.It is not just a kids inflatable. Great fun at company fun days, company parties, summer parties, family fun days, corporate fun days, school parties, for college ball entertainment, university ball entertainment and all other events. It provides great inflatble play and inflatable fun at any inflatable party. Inflatable obstacle courses are a must for any It’s a Knockout type event, and are extremely popular for team building events. Here the inflatable can be used as either a time trial, or in conjunction with a relay race between two teams. Whichever you prefer it brings the team building activity to an exciting finale.

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hire velcro wall, and you will be supplying your party with an inflatable that will have your guests queuing to have a go. It is complete madness for the participants, and the crowd of spectators that it always attracts. Players put on a velcro suit, run as fast as they can, jump on the inflatable springboard, and then attempt to stick themselves as high as they can to the velcro walls. Players end up in all kind of amusing shapes, stuck to the wall. Often with hilarious outcomes, as the watching crowd cheers them on, heading faster and faster to the jumping wall.


Suitable for both children and adults, our velcro suits are available in a range of sizes. The velcro wall comes complete with a trained operator, to ensure the safety of your guests at all times. Gently jog up to the springboard, and you will bar fly through the air, until you hit the velcro wall. Sprint up to it, and you will be catapulted through the air, high onto the wall, until you splash onto it and remain stuck, often in a peculiar position. Hire the barfly and your guests will be talking about your event for many months to come.


The rodeo bull, is one of the best. It can be used at any event, from corporate fun days, company parties, company fun days, college parties, university ball entertainment, and due to the nature of the beast, you will get a very high turnaround of guests. Ideal for fundraising events, you will be guaranteed one of the largest throughput of competitors with this inflatable, as the rides are often very energetic, highly entertaining, and do not last that long in comparison with other inflatables. Our mechanical bulls on the rodeo bull simulator will give your guests inflatable fun and inflatable play. One of the all time favourite party inflatables, fitting in at any inflatable party.


Covered in real cow hide, flexible safety horns, and leather saddle, the bucking bull looks quite sedate. Suddenly it has flashing eyes as it spins and bucks, attempting to displace its rider.

It’s now a case of the rider gripping for all they are worth on the rodeo bull ride. When, not if, they fall, they are guaranteed a soft landing on the inflatable surround

An interesting variation on the principle of the rodeo bull. The rodeo bottle is great for entertainment ideas and party ideas with a difference. Here the riders have to hang onto the bottle, as it move, stops, swings and sways attempting to dislodge them. More difficult than the bull, as here there is only the bottle to cling onto.


Rodeo bottle hire has been a great success at venues offering drinks promotions entertainment, drink advertising, bar promotions and night club promotions. Here if riders can stay on the bottle for a set period of time they are awarded a token for the relevant promotional offer. The machine has the facility to time the rides, so also top prizes can be given out for the promotion to those who have lasted the longest. As a drinks promotion idea, there is none better than the rodeo bottle hire. Hire rodeo bottle for all promotional ideas.

Climb into these great Kangaroo outfits including the padded suit itself, kangaroo shape head protector with built in Aussie hat, clumsy kangaroo feet, and the giant boxing gloves. Now you are ready for the bout. The object of the game is then simple, knock down or force your fellow kangaroo opponent out of the ring. These suits provide great competitive fun for the participants, and a hilarious spectacle for the onlookers. With a relatively small footprint they are not a large inflatable, not only does kangaroo boxing manage to entertain a large number of players in a short period of time, it will also basically fit in at any sized event. Being a circular ring of padded mats, it also allows for a great deal of crowd participation, as the numerous supporters cheer on their favourites.

Knock your block off suits

Knock Your Block Off is a medieval jousting match in which two participants wear over-sized knight costumes with fake heads (their 'blocks') attached.


The knights then dual using padded poles in an attempt to knock your block off . The winner leaves the match without having his block knocked off. The suits are available in adult and childrens sizes. The game is provided with a sumo themed groundsheet, normally best out of three games and winner stays on.


These suits are also available with a sumo surround. The sumo suit surround is a must have for all large events. It provides excellent crowd control and prevents any potential injuries from occurring outside of the event area.

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Strap yourself into the harness, and run for all you are worth. Test your strength and speed, as you attempt to place the Velcro marker, as far as you can, before the bungy cord catapults you backwards. The faster you run, the further you go, but also the further you get pulled back. Twin lanes, two bungee runs, make this the ideal inflatable to challenge an opponent to a contest of bungee running. Whoever runs the furthest wins. A great attraction, which involves a great deal of crowd participation, as they watch the runners grimace, as they try to reach an extra inch on the bungee. Bungee hire is great for inflarable play and inflatable fun.


Obstacle Courses

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